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“Work Today For a Glad Tomorrow” Is The Slogan and Motto of Glad Bharat Foundation"

Glad Bharat Foundation is a Non-Government Organization working basically to make the society Self-Reliant.

An organization through which we want to give back lost dreams and hope for a better tomorrow to everyone. Life hasn’t been easy for anyone at any point in time. However, it has been even worse for a few with a lack of available resources. We started as a few hands in August 2019, eagerly looking forward to creating leadership at every level of society, by engaging the society to work for becoming a self-reliant society by improving present condition of education, environment, health and livelihood.

Glad Bharat Foundation works primarily with children and women. The organization is working every waking hour towards authentic development and contributes largely to sustainable development.




Glad Bharat Foundation strives to ensure that even the most vulnerable children in shelters are able to realize their dreams and live them to the fullest and aims to transform a marginalized person into a self-reliant citizen.


Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of the economy for social development.
The main objective of this project is to make every citizen self-reliant by nurturing specific skills in them. Glad Bharat Foundation is working with


We are working on regular "health checkup camps" and "menstrual health" to improve the health condition in project area. Glad Bharat Foundation purpose is to improve the health of underprivileged section of the society.

Environment Protection

Initially, Glad Bharat Foundation is focusing on plantations & saving every single drop of water. It aims at building cadres of young people working towards environment conservation and sustainable development. With children we aim

Glad Bharat Paathshaala

Glad Bharat Foundation’s initiative GLAD BHARAT PAATHSHAALA (GBP) is a local learning centre that connects every child to school. The prime aim is to uplift the literacy level, and currently, it is in operation at the Gaya and Nawada districts of Bihar. Apart from education, Glad Bharat Paathshaala is a model paathshaala of learning from where we achieve the goal of environment protection, health and livelihood too.

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Projects Through People, For a Glad Tomorrow

Working hand-in-hand to make a better world for our future generations to come, from one person to another.

Women's Right

PAD-ATM is for women living in rural remote areas, urban slums and under-resourced schools, to provide accessibility and affordability.

MAI BHI SAMARTH HU, An Initiative Of Skill Training For Livelihood

Developing skills in rural people for making them Self-Reliant . Assistance in developing markets for their products in their locality.


There are several ways you can volunteer with the Foundation. Be a part of our team & make the change!


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Glad Bharat Paathshaala

What do People say about Glad Bharat Foundation ...

“I am from Indirapuram. During Covid, I noted Glad Bharat’s remarkable work in bringing down the price of masks raised by chemist, by distributing free masks to needy.” As the govt announced for janta curfew, chemist raised the price of mask too high.

Miss Kajal Kumari

Interior Designer

“I am following the activity of Glad Bharat Foundation since starting. I am feeling glad to mention its consistent work and dedication for the society.”



“In Bhopal, Glad Bharat with Uddeshya is doing a great job for the betterment of child education. I appreciate the effort.”

Mr. Asad