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Glad Bharat Paathshaala

With a mission of “Glad Bharat Pathashala” the organization has provided basic education center that aims at reducing illiteracy in the Gaya and Nawada district of Bihar state. An urge to improve the plight of underprivileged Indian children. It acted as a link between people who were willing and able to contribute resources, and organizations at the grassroots which lacked resources and provides underprivileged children support in English, Hindi, Mathematics, Urdu & Sanskrit in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty.
Glad Bharat Paathshaala aims at making every one able to read and write, thus achieving high literacy rate in these districts of Bihar.
Glad Bharat Foundation’s initiative Glad Bharat Paathshaala is started to uplift the literacy level of Gaya and Nawada districts of Bihar. Apart from education, this Glad Bharat Paathshaala is a model paathshaala of learning from where we achieve the goal of environment protection, health and livelihood too.
Out of 50, Glad Bharat Foundation has started 6 Glad Bharat Paathshaala in first phase, 2 Glad Bharat Paathshaala at Gaya and 4 Glad Bharat Paathshaala at Nawada.
During the lockdown, Glad Bharat Paathshaala also protects Right To Education of underprivileged children who don’t have access to virtual mode of education.


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